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Babymoon trend turning risky

What are the precautions you should be taking if you’re jetting off late-term?

New research has revealed how popular late-term babymoons are becoming in Australia, with more than one in five Aussie parents squeezing in one last holiday before their newest family member arrives.



According to the survey, 21% of couples are choosing to travel after their 28-week mark, with 5% (one in 20) of late-term babymooners even travelling internationally over that period.


Aside from the potential health concerns to mother and child, couples choosing to travel in the third trimester need to consider such factors as airline restrictions and insurance cut-off dates.


“Most airlines will require you to present a medical certificate stating you’re fit to travel after 28 weeks, regardless of the length of the flight. When travelling overseas, most airlines won’t let you fly after 36 weeks,” Finder’s travel expert Bessie Hassan said.


“Travel insurers also have cut-off dates for cover as early as 18 weeks, and some require you to take out a specific pregnancy policy, so it pays to read the fine print.


“Depending on the destination, overseas medical attention can be extremely expensive so it may be safer to stick to Australian shores.”


For a less stressful babymoon, Finder suggests holidaymakers check with medical practitioners before booking flights and carry appropriate medical certificates during travel; consider airline cut-off dates and restrictions for flying while pregnant; purchase suitable insurance (which can vary between 18 to 32 weeks’ coverage); and consider flexible travel arrangements.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 2 February 2018

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