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Backpacking not just for the young

Like clubbing and sleeping in, backpacking may seem to belong in the domain of the young, but apparently not so for Australians.


According to research commissioned by InsureandGo, two out of three Aussies believe you can backpack at any age.


“No matter what age, it’s inspiring to see that all Australians are embracing the backpacker lifestyle and seeing the world,” Jonathan Etkind, Head of Sales, Digital & Marketing of InsureandGo said.


“Age shouldn’t be a discriminator in travel, and backpacking is a great way to immerse yourself in a culture, by going off the beaten track.”


But given the difference in travel style, particularly journey length and the exotic destinations visited, Etkind warned travellers to ensure they have the most appropriate travel insurance.


“Sometimes when travellers are embarking on long trips, they may need to return home earlier than expected due to personal emergencies which can be helped with the right type of travel insurance,” said Mr Etkind.


“A backpacker-specific policy can also allow for one home visit without nullifying the policy if a traveller is feeling particularly homesick, has a special event, or a family emergency and needs to return.”


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 8 December 2017

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