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Barcelona tourist bus hijacked by activists

Activists from the youth organisation Arran have stormed a tourist bus in Barcelona in protest of mass tourism.


The pair boarded the bus when it stopped outside the Olympic village, let off smoke flares and hung a sign down the side of the bus that read, 'Stop mass tourism in the Catalan countries’.



A short time later, more activists from the same group hijacked a bus in Valencia in the same manner, MailOnline reported.


The group posted pictures of the protests to its Facebook page and claims that while the group is not against tourism it is against what it terms ‘massification’, which it says is detrimental to the environment and locals alike. 


In the Catalan language, protesters posted, ”ATTENTION: Yes, we've stopped a tourist bus in #Barcelona to denounce the massive tourism model that strikes us! # capitalismofòbia # StopMassTourism”.


According to sources from Barcelona Metropolitan Transportation, the two protestors left the Barcelona bus within a short space of time and while passengers were present, none were harmed and there was no damage to the vehicle. 


These protests come a fortnight after activists had to be cut free from a Gaudi sculpture to which they had chained themselves in protest. 


According to Arran’s Twitter site, the group will likely continue such protests, “Summer arrives and we start once again the campaign against mass tourism. It's not tourismphobia, it's a class struggle”.


“We present the campaign for this # Summer2018 against the mass tourism that expels us from cities, destroys the coastline and sweeps up the entire mountains.”


“Tourism generates work, of course, but we cannot base our economy on a finite, unsustainable sector,” Arran states.


Their call for action includes:

  • Freezing all new licences for hotels or companies linked to tourism.
  • Starting a public dbate on a new sustainable tourism model.
  • Prohibiting immediately the activity of companies related to tourist flats, such as Airbnb, as well as regulate the price of housing.
  • Reducing and limit the number of cruises arriving in the different ports of the Catalan countries.
  • Improving labour conditions, increase and control salaries and eliminate illegal working in the 'black economy'.
  • Increasing taxes to companies in the tourism sector and allocate revenue to diversify the economy.
  • Seizing the main tourist companies and assets of the country, such as the various marinas, hotels such as Vela or Las Arenas, or themed parks such as Port Aventura and use the profits to help all the population.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 9 July 2018

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