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Battleface's arrival in Australia blows the travel insurance market wide open

The days of one-size-fits-all travel insurance may be over.

The arrival of battleface brings a new modular travel insurance product to market.

Fully tailored, modular travel insurance policies based on individual needs can now be built into the general purchase path, with the launch in Australia this week of disruptor brand, battleface.

Already well established in the UK, Europe and North America, the company’s API-linked technology platform allows partners to customise travel insurance policies beyond standard inclusions such as $40,000 cancellation cover, $2.5m personal liability and unlimited medical cover.

On top of customisable plan options, battleface policies allow partners to tailor excess levels and benefit limits to suit their clients.

For example, a traveller heading to the ski slopes can maximise cover for damage and equipment on top of the already included unlimited medical cover while offloading cover for elements that won’t be needed on the same trip, such as surfing or watersports.

Ski travellers can maximise their cover for snowsports while offloading other components.

Battleface is now on the hunt for new partners in Australia and has already secured deals with travel tech start-up AWAI, shared economy insurer Mustard Underwriting and travel insurance company Wise & Silent, which has coupled its own products onto battlefield’s base.

“When travel insurance is unbundled into individual benefits, partners can build their own products on top of APIs with precise benefits driving higher conversion and overall customer satisfaction,” said battleface Managing Director Australia, Matt McLellan.

“By partnering with compatible brands across Australia we’re able to offer customers access to products based on their actual travel needs and itineraries.”

Regardless of the policy purchased, all battleface customers have access to the company’s 24/7 ‘Robin Assist’ medical, claims and customer service teams ready to assist with any emergency.

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 17 May 2023

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