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Bench marks 50 years; launches 'Bench, Help!'

Bench Africa today (Friday) celebrates its 50th year of business in the travel industry.


Since 1969, Bench Africa (formerly Bench International) has been passionate about promoting the amazing destination that is Africa and has seen the travel landscape both in Africa and Australia change dramatically during this time.



Since its founding by Charles Bench, the company has always stuck by Charles' principles of 'an in-depth knowledge and passion for Africa and today so you will always find the entire staff to be as passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic as ever.


Bench began its celebrations last September with a number of intimate events and will continue the celebrations this year, culminating in September with guest African suppliers and top industry partners coming together for a series of anniversary events.


IN OTHER NEWS, Bench has launched a new platform called “Bench! Help!” for travel agents.


For years the African experts at Bench Africa have heard the call of “Bench! Help!” as apprehensive agents seek advice with their clients in mind.


With that in mind, they have developed the new platform as a simple and easy way to consult and convert Africa enquiries.


Working with the experienced team of reservations consultants, they have developed a list of the most important qualifying questions to be asked, so agents can get the best answers from their clients.


With their clients’ trips then properly qualified and understood agents can send the form through to an African expert with the click of one button, even specifying which expert they wish to deal with. 


“It’s taking the stress out of an African enquiry and nice to know that giving your clients the trip that best suits is as simple as asking Bench for help,” said Trade Relations Manager Cameron Neill.


Published: 14 March 2019

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