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Caravan, camping trips a key to happiness: report

It seems there’s truth to the phrase ‘happy campers’

A new report has revealed that camping and caravan holidays can significantly contribute to one’s overall physical and mental wellbeing.



Released by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, The Real Richness Report asserts that campers “are competitively happier, more satisfied, optimistic and energised than non-campers”. 


Regular campers were also found to be less stressed, bored, frustrated and lonely compared to non-campers. Backing its claims, the report shows that:


- 96% of campers surveyed in the study believe that camping can make you happier

- 85% said camping enables them to gather their thoughts

- 94% believe camping recharges your batteries

- 95% believe camping reduces stress.


“I have a very high stress job that requires me to listen to a lot of terrible stories. Camping and being with my loved ones in nature is the ideal way to switch off for a while for me and also forces me to be a lot healthier - my job is primarily sitting and camping requires a lot of walking and effort usually!” one respondent said.


Another respondent added, “we set out 4 years ago to travel full time.  At the time, I was in extremely ill health and had just sold a business. My health improved so much I was no longer feeling the consequences of my illness, our lives improved, we loved it.”


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 September 2019

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