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Central Australia safe: tourism minister

Several countries now caution travellers to Alice Springs

Northern Territory Tourism and Culture Minister Lauren Moss has defended the Red Centre’s safety record following a spate of recent tragedies involving overseas visitors and an article that claimed Alice Springs was being singled out by foreign travel advisories.


Image ABC News/Nick Hose


According to News Corp, Central Australia has featured in several European and UK travel advisories updated in the last year, with Germany telling tourists armed robberies and rapes of foreign tourists had made the Alice risky “especially after dark”, Britain advising citizens to take care at night due to harassment, robberies and attacks including sexual assault, and Italy warning of serious risks to solo travellers in NT. Elsewhere, Canada has warned against hitchhiking due to an alleged risk to backpackers.


Calling the Red Centre “a safe holiday destination”, Minster Moss said its primary message was to ensure travellers knew “Central Australia is a warm, welcoming place for tourists looking for a unique and magical experience”.


“As with travelling anywhere in the world, people should be mindful of their personal safety and take care on the roads in the Territory,” she said in a statement.


Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan told News Corp he believed the town was still a “very safe place” and foreign advisories were unfair.


“We don't suffer crime any different to other areas of the country but when anything happens in Central Australia it tends to be reported very widely and very quickly,” he said.


“The tourism industry has been having an upsurge in visitors over the last two years and a lot of those are foreign visitors.”


How dangerous do you think Alice Springs, and Central Australia are for tourists?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 15 March 2017

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