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Coming soon: Uber Travel

Could travel agents join the ranks of taxi drivers in decrying Uber?

It’s still a long way from resembling a travel agency, but ride-hailing company Uber has been granted a new patent that could see it provide a portal for booking travel.



Called “Uber Travel”, the feature would look like most other online travel agents, like Expedia, but would cover door-to-door travel thanks to a feature, which advises when customers should call an Uber ride.


The patent document also shows how Uber’s system would allow users to book flights as well as monitor flight statuses, and connect to hotels and accommodations like home-sharing company Airbnb.


Taxi app joins ranks of travel agents


According to Fortune, its priority would be to notify a passenger via mobile at the exact time they should request an Uber ride.


Though it’s not clear if it plans to do so, Uber could take a small cut for flights and accommodation booked through its service, Fortune reported.


But firstly, Uber will have to overcome a current ban on rides to and from major airports, which would render the proposed system useless.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 January 2016

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