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Could Zoom backgrounds save our tourism industry?

It started out as a little fun. Mid-conversation about something relatively boring, we changed our background from a grey Melbourne wall to a gorgeous island sunset.

It was the kind of move made by all Zoom neophytes and initially used jokingly, if a little superciliously, like how you might add a star fade to a presentation just to get a laugh.



But since Zoom has become our gateway to group conversation, and COVID-19 saw most of us locked inside our homes, backgrounds have suddenly moved to the fore.


According to Google Trends data, searches for holiday-inspired video call backgrounds are up a whopping 9,900%.


In Europe, the Caribbean is the most popular Zoom background, with Australia and the Maldives coming in equal second place.


Travel company Kuoni were quick to jump on the bandwagon and released 14 of their images for use as backgrounds. Here are the backgrounds they found to be most popular on Zoom: 


Most Popular Zoom Background Destinations

1- Caribbean +9,900%

2- =Australia +9,800% / Maldives +9,800%

3- =Vietnam +9,700% / New Zealand +9,700% / Sweden +9,700%

4- Philippines +8,800%

5- =Canada +8,500% / Brazil +8,500%

6- USA +8,100%

7- Ireland +7,200%

8- India +6,500%

9- Portugal +5,000%

10- Spain +4,900%


Most Popular Zoom Background Landscapes

1- Safari +9,900%

2- Mountain +9,800%

3- Cityscape +8,100%

4- Beach +7,800%

5- Waterfall +6,600%

6- Sea +6,400%

7- Rainforest +5,000%

8- Field +4,000%

9- Desert +3,200%

10- Lake +1,500%


Tourism Australia were even quicker to respond to the trend, which makes us think Aussie tourism might just succeed in scoring a lot of free advertising. You'll find some of their backgrounds here


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 10 May 2020

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