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Couple get different passports as UK drops EU title

New passports dividing Brits

Britain has begun issuing passports without the European Union title, in preparation for Brexit. 


But until stocks of the old passports run out, Britons may still receive the older versions, according to the UK Home Office. 


And apparently, that even goes for two people in the same family, who apply for their new passports at the same time. 


Image Peter Brady


This happened to one British couple, who sent off their passport renewal applications simultaneously (on 21 March), but received two different versions of the document - one with the European Union on the cover and within, and the other without any reference at all to the EU, the BBC reported. 


Peter Brady, who received the new version, said he was “very happy” with his passport, but his partner was “unhappy”.


"For me to have the European Union wiped completely off my passport is good news," he said, adding that he feels like he has his “identity back”. 


Adding intrigue to the situation, the older passport version was issued three days (4 April) after the new version (1 April).


The new burgundy passports, which were introduced the day after the UK was supposed to leave the EU (29 March), will be followed at the end of the year by dark blue passports resembling the pre-EU design. 


A Home Office spokeswoman said “both designs will be equally valid for travel”.


"There will be no difference for British citizens whether they are using a passport that includes the words European Union, or a passport that does not.”


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 April 2019

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