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Cute but deadly: Aust. visitor lucky to be alive

This tourist should buy a lottery ticket

Sometimes it pays to know a thing or two about nature, especially wildlife, and especially when visiting Australia. This traveller obviously didn’t realise that. 


Image Museums Victoria


On a recent visit down under, the tourist filmed himself holding a blue-ringed octopus, a deadly marine animal with enough venom to kill more than two dozen adult humans within minutes. 


Uploaded to Reddit, footage of the incident shows the man handling the creature before shaking it off their hand and back into the water. Text, which apparently says “such a beautiful octopus”, accompanies the video. 


Whilst we don’t condone the handling of any marine life, in a way, you can understand how this tourist mistook one of the world’s deadliest aquatic creatures for a harmless critter. It is cute. 


But most feedback on Reddit, understandably, was critical of the traveller’s actions. 


"Do they even know how lucky they are to be alive after doing something that monumentally stupid?" one user wrote.


Another said, "This is how tourists become statistics".


Others thought the visitor may have actually been stung. 


“Oh God, does anyone have an update on this guy?”


Though he’s probably alive, hopefully he’ll have second thoughts about handling wildlife again before knowing what it is.



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 30 January 2019

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