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Cyclone Jasper causes flight chaos

Major Queensland airport underwater

Cyclone Jasper has wreaked havoc in Northern Queensland, particularly affecting Cairns with the closure of its airport and widespread flooding of residential areas.


By Sunday, over 10,000 homes had lost power, and the Cairns Airport was severely flooded, impacting several aircraft. The cyclone, which made landfall north of Cairns on Wednesday, has brought about catastrophic floods, though it has since weakened to a tropical storm. Nonetheless, it continues to cause significant damage with intense rain and winds reaching 90km/h.


The severe weather conditions, including floods, are expected to persist until at least Tuesday, battering the northern regions of the state. Regions stretching from Daintree to Ingham have already experienced over 500mm of rainfall.


On Sunday, Cairns Airport was forced to shut down after recording 309mm of rain in a single day, with flood levels anticipated to rise above 3.8 meters. The Bureau of Meteorology reported that the rainfall in the area is expected to surpass records set in 1977, with over 20 rain gauges in the area recording more than a meter of rain.

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Today, Cairns Airport provided an update that the flooding on the aerodrome has now subsided but there is still significant debris that needs to be removed. Operations will not recommence at Cairns Airport today.


All flights scheduled for today have been cancelled or delayed.




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Published: 18 December 2023

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