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Damp passport keeps former Miss Universe Aust in Bali

Whatever you do, keep your passport dry

Indonesia’s strict passport rules have claimed a high profile victim in Australian model Tegan Martin, who claims to have been denied entry to her flight from Bali to Australia due to a water mark on her passport. 


Image Instagram/Tegan Martin


The former Miss Universe Australia broke the news to her large following on Instagram.


“So looks like I’m going to be in Bali a little bit longer than I expected, thank you for everyone’s concern and everyone’s advice, it looks like this has happened to a few people,” she posted along with a picture of her passport.


Stranded in Bali, 26-year-old Martin also said she was “devastated” to be missing a friend’s charity gala dinner in Sydney.


While it is claimed the new national law is not specifically targeting Australians, a number of Aussies allege to have been caught up in the crackdown. 


Aussies being caught out with ‘damaged’ passports


The Australian Passport Office says “normal wear and tear should not be a problem” when flying, but “more serious damage can stop you from travelling”.


It advises travellers ensure there are no tears in pages, everything on the photo page is clear, no pages have been removed and there have been no alterations.


Have you ever been pulled up because of damage to your passport?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 24 June 2019

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