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Deadly quake hits Lombok, Bali; Denpasar damaged

Around 100 dead in latest quake

Just days after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Lombok in Indonesia, an even bigger quake has hit the tourist island and nearby areas including Bali.


A Bali mall (AFP/Sonny Tumbelaka)


Measuring 7.0, the new jolt has left at least 98 people dead, hundreds more injured and thousands of buildings damaged, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said.


Most of the victims were on the northern side of Lombok near the quake’s epicentre, which was measured at a depth of 10kms.


While thousands fled their homes in Lombok, in Bali the quake sparked panic among tourists and residents.


According to SBS, agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho confirmed two people had died in the popular tourist island.


Whilst flights at the international airports in Lombok and Bali weren’t disrupted, both airports experienced damage to buildings. 


Denpasar airport (Image Jonathan Davies)


In Bali, Australian tourist Michelle Lindsay said hotel guests were running as “people filled the streets”.


“A lot of officials were urging people not to panic,” she said. 


On holiday in neighbouring island Canggu, Aussie holidaymaker Lucy Sarah Rice told Fairfax Media she felt the ground begin to shake while eating dinner with friends.


“I had one foot on the ground and one foot on a chair and shaking began to increase. Then we realised the earth was moving,” she said.


“Across the road, at a massage parlour, we saw people run out onto the street in towels and sarongs, and that's when we moved.


“We stood in the middle of the road and watched the light posts shaking. It went for quite a while, increasing and peaking and then petering out again."


The disaster management agency warned people to stay away from the sea as a tsunami warning was issued, but that advisory was later withdrawn.


Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who was in Lombok, tweeted to say he and other members of an Aussie delegation were safe, while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said there were no reports of any Australians killed or injured.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 6 August 2018

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