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Do you still need to register with Smartraveller?

The Australian Government's travel advice and consular information service is no longer asking Aussies to pre-register their travels.


Instead, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) will set up a crisis registration portal if a crisis occurs, publishing a link on its website and sharing it on social media. This allows you or your loved ones to register your location and contact details so the department can get in contact and provide advice.



It made the change back in 2019, but has updated advice today.


According to DFAT, its most recent registration portal was set up in the lead up to the war in the Ukraine, enabling it to quickly gather information on the number of Australian citizens and permanent residents who were in the Ukraine and nearby areas, providing them with advice on what to do and checking whether they were in danger.


“We decided to end pre-trip registration because we found many people were not providing accurate itineraries, updating their itineraries when plans changed or advising if they left a destination they had been staying in for a while,” the Smartraveller website reads. 


“Inaccurate information would make it difficult for us to reach people who really needed help during a crisis.


“We found that the system was not providing the service intended and that a subscription system would be better to deliver updated advice or alerts to travellers. 


“It also allows you to manage the information you receive and stop alerts when they are no longer needed.”


Having a good travel agent is great in tough situations too as they can work on your behalf in Australia so that you’re not worrying about access to phone and internet services.


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Published: 12 August 2022

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