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Domestic deterioration the biggest pain point of work travel

Travelling for work can be fun, but putting in all of those miles can also be tough.

So what are the main concerns frequent work travellers have? 


According to a new study, the biggest pain points for road warriors are the deterioration of homelife and putting pressure on colleagues. 



In the study, which was commissioned by travel management platform CWT, 22% of those polled said “their business travel commitments erode the quality of their relationships and homelife”, while 21% “worry their families think they prefer traveling for work more than their day-to-day homelife responsibilities”.


Professionally, the research revealed that “22% feel guilty that their colleagues have to bear the load of their work whilst absent, 21% stress over spending too much time with co-workers or clients, and 14% are concerned about the difficulty of staying in touch with people in their main office”.


CWT EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer Catherine Maguire-Vielle said that “when traveling for business, companies need to be aware of the concerns that business travellers face and help to address them head-on”.


“Relationships are a fundamental part of a person’s wellbeing and companies have the obligation to ensure their employees’ travels are not jeopardizing them at home or in the office,” she remarked.


Regionally, Americans are the biggest worriers when it comes to the impact on domestic life, but are less concerned about professional consequences like staying in touch with people in their office and colleagues picking up the slack. 



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 27 January 2020

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