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Drunk tourist mistook mountain for hotel

How drunk would you have to be to mistake a ski run for the approach to your hotel? As drunk as an Estonian named ‘Pavel’ apparently.


Image Marco Preve


The twenty-something tourist, identified only as Pavel (and with good reason), had just been on a bender during an evening of après-ski in Italian Alpine resort, Cervinia, when on his way back to his hotel, he took a wrong turn, climbed a mountain and eventually got lost.


According to Italy’s La Stampa, after scaling a steep ski run known as the Ventina, in ordinary shoes, the tourist stumbled across mountaintop bar and restaurant, Igloo, at 2,400 metres.


Arriving between 2 and 3am, Pavel was then forced to break into the establishment to take shelter for the night.


In the morning, staff found him asleep on a bench, but not before a search party comprising fire and police authorities and drones had been deployed to find him.


Local police said Pavel won’t be arrested for the break-in, but would be fined.


“Everything went well for him,” Igloo owner Alessandro Zavattaro told La Stampa. “It’s not that cold.”


According to The Independent, just last weekend three skiers were killed in the Swiss Alps after they were hit by an avalanche. So ultimately, Pavel got lucky.  


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 April 2018

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