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Europe is cheaper now than it’s been all year

With the northern hemisphere summer now technically underway, it’s around this time of year that travel to Europe begins to peak.


Bikes in Dublin


But for prospective European-bound Australian holidaymakers, the current strength of the Aussie dollar should make travel to the EU even more alluring.


According to foreign currency experts, Travel Money Oz, the Aussie dollar is right now at the highest it’s been all year against the Euro, and a massive 5% up on just two months ago.


“This Europe summer season Australians are looking to get great value for their travel dollar with the increase meaning an upgrade in the hire car, hotel room, dinner out or extra shopping trip,’’ Travel Money Group general manager Kelly Spencer said.


“We know May through to August is the peak departure period for customers heading to enjoy the European summer so the timing is great for travellers.


“We haven’t seen the AUD-EUR rate at this level since early in 2018. The demand for the Euro in our stores is also reflecting this high we’re seeing in the markets.


“It’s definitely a great time to look in to the rates if you’re travelling to Europe, or simply countries that accept Euro, especially with the forthcoming school holiday period  or even if you’re travelling later in the year.”


To stretch their dollars further, Travel Money Oz recommends travellers lock in rates on cash now, or buy Euro online to secure that day’s rate.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 5 June 2018

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