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Excite Holidays gets new look

Revamped website for leading wholesaler

The team at Excite Holidays is always looking to revolutionise their booking platform, and 2017 is no exception. They’ve got the year off with a bang, with a fresh new look and feel for their homepage.



"We have been very busy shaking things up over at Excite Holidays," says Vanessa Richards, head of marketing.


"As you can see we have started 2017 off with a major face lift to our homepage. Gone is the look of white space and multi-page interface. Our new homepages functionality, usability, accessibility and design will give our agents the competitive edge."


"We wanted to create a full and true user experience for our customers. One that excites upon arrival and leaves them feeling authentic and inspired during the travel booking journey." 


The new homepage is just the beginning, a sneak peek into the future. There is plenty more coming from Excite Holidays in the coming months, so agents should watch this space.


Excite's focus is to create meaningful experiences for their agents, not just through the invitation to book on their site, but the communication from the inside-out. Their goal is and always will be to make agents lives easier. 


Published: 15 January 2017

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