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Expedia to stop selling whale and dolphin interactions

Global online travel company Expedia Group confirmed it has listened to World Animal Protection supporters and decided to end its support for whale and dolphin interactions and circus-style performances by prohibiting the sale of them via their website.


According to Expedia’s updated wildlife guidelines, the company prohibits the sale of activities that feature interactions with or performances by dolphins, whales, and other cetaceans. Seaside sanctuaries that provide captive animals with a permanent seaside living environment are allowed if they are accredited and do not feature interactions or performances.


World Animal Protection Australia interim country director Ben Pearson claimed this change of direction from Expedia Group is testament to the perseverance of over 350,000 World Animal Protection supporters who have been campaigning tirelessly on this issue since 2019 and throughout the global pandemic, keeping up the pressure on the travel giant to do the right thing.



“This is a huge step towards our goal of ending dolphin cruelty,” he said. 


“This latest move by the world's largest travel company Expedia Group is a positive one, but there is still work to do. As public acceptability on keeping dolphins captive for entertainment decreases, we’re calling on the Queensland Government and Sea World to end captive dolphin breeding, and ensure the current generation of dolphins at Sea World are the last.


“The cruel commercial exploitation of dolphins and other wildlife has no place in modern society. Dolphins are wild animals, not entertainers.”


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Published: 8 November 2021

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