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Family travel set to boom; led by these holidays...

With multi-generational travel one of the buzz words in the tourism industry, the family travel market is projected to rise dramatically over the next few years. 



According to a new report released by data and analytics company, GlobalData, the outbound family market is set to grow 25% by 2022, from 300 million trips (in 2017) to 376 million trips worldwide. 


Titled ‘Key Trends in Family Travel’, the report shows that family travel accounts for over 30 percent (30.8%) of outbound tourism. 


“As disposable income grows and emerging markets open their borders, we will see trends like multi-generational travel drive trips forward ... and this represents a massive opportunity for the industry if it is able to tap into the specific needs of this complex cohort,” GlobalData travel and tourism head Sara Grady said. 


According to GlobalData, family travel is becoming more and more complex, with companies now needing to provide for the wants of different age groups, as well as more demanding consumers. 


“Family travel is moving beyond the traditional sun and beach getaway to offer families some much needed time to reconnect with each other and create lasting memories, increasingly in unique destinations, or on niche holidays, from cultural trips to activity-filled adventures,” Ms Grady said. 


“It has never been so essential to offer travellers something beyond the norm to stand out from the crowd and that caters to their specific demands, irrespective of where they are from.” 


Despite this change in attitude, parents are still likely to prefer sun and beach holidays (54%) in the coming year, ahead of visiting friends of family (VFR, 34%) and city breaks (28%). 


What trends have you seen in family travel?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 11 October 2018

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