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Famous Aussies make #RoadTripPledge

Australians urged to make pledge in local travel campaign backed by Stayz

The #RoadTripPledge is an Australian regeneration promise, created by online holiday rental website Stayz. It draws our attention back to the needs of regional Australia, both directly and indirectly impacted by the summer bushfires, and more recently the COVID-19 imposed travel bans.


This pledge is for families, to help them process and understand recent major Australian bushfires and health issues, and offers a way to take positive action together to revive the economy.


A number of household Aussie names have joined the campaign, with Edwina Bartholomew, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe, Jamie Durie, Adam Liaw, Benji and Zoe Marshall, Cartiona Rowntree, Tom Williams and Dr. Katrina Warren, some of the first to make the pledge.


Each has made their own promise to travel locally with their families across 2020 by road as a genuine way to give back to recovering regions and tourism.



The campaign was created by Stayz as a response to the devastating bushfires over the Australian Summer when thousands of properties, businesses and people were affected by bushfire and drought.


With travel now taking off again in many places across the country, the #RoadTripPledge message is simple: Focus on reconnecting Australian families with these impacted areas, encouraging Australians to make a simple promise to take on new adventures and hit the road to rebuild tourism.


As a reminder of the incredible power of regeneration.

I stand with regional Australian towns.

I vow to explore impacted places by road.

To spend generously in towns of all sizes.

To always ask locals “are you okay”.

To value moments of connection with the people I love.

And find a renewed sense of adventure together.

Even when the headlines have stopped, and the social media has ceased.

We will not forget the reason why we made our #RoadTripPledge.


Stayz gift card promotion to encourage regional spending

As part of the campaign kick-off, Stayz has also launched a promotion whereby people who take the #RoadTripPledge - and are one of the first 1000 bookings (for over $1000) made at - will be eligible to claim and receive a $100 VISA gift card* which can be used in the regional holiday destination, injecting much needed money back into small businesses that need it most.


“We are extremely proud, even during hard global times, to launch the #RoadTripPledge this month in support of regional tourism and ensuring this is remembered across 2020,” says Simone Scoppa, Travel Expert for Stayz.


“We have seen since travel restrictions have eased in Australia, that the demand to stay in a holiday home has increased significantly, where people are wanting to stay in a spacious whole home with their family and friends but away from other people.”


Famous faces and experts weigh in on the need for the pledge

New mum, Edwina Bartholomew, remarked it was “an unusual summer of highs and lows,” as she welcomed her first child.


“It was hard to watch it all happen at a distance. It was both a beautiful time in our lives and a sad time for Australia with bushfires then COVID-19. I have been lucky to visit so many beautiful parts of Australia through my work and now is the time to return to those places as a family.


“We took the pledge, knowing that in doing so, we are helping to get businesses get back off the ground and small towns humming again."


Family expert and child psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg agrees.


“Travel will also have a positive impact on our kids' minds and education. From the outset parents can give them a new sense of responsibility that they might not have on a daily basis by getting them involved in the planning of the trip and then letting them be in charge of packing for themselves.


“Visiting regional towns presents the opportunity for children to learn about their history, indigenous culture, nature and wildlife, inspiring curiosity beyond what they may learn in the classroom.”


Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg has created a tool kit on how to reconnect through a road trip and speak to your children about the recent challenging topics of the year. This tool kit can be found online here:


Holiday home owners hit hard but optimistic about the future

As a regional tourism expert, Stayz has spent significant time with property owners whose families were impacted by the fires in key regional areas and more recently, the double impact of COVID-19.


One such owner Karen Beeston has spent her entire life in the Kangaroo Valley, NSW, in her family home built by her grandmother and grandfather. It has four generations of memories and nostalgia which she now opens up to other families for long weekends and mid-week escapes to get out of Sydney and “re-set”.


Karen, 62, stayed alone in the house with only her wolf-hound dog companion, Mosley, to fight the fires in January 2020 to save her family home and the memories it holds.


“The fires got close but didn’t impact the property thanks to a last minute wind direction change, however the sense that it hasn’t been safe to travel into regional Australia has left the property bare for months on end, then followed by COVID-19 which did mean people couldn’t travel – all local businesses have been impacted with so many families affected. The #RoadTripPledge means so much to us to see tourists come back and have a holiday in our town.”



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Published: 24 June 2020

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