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Foolish tourist tales

Let me take you back to a time when tourists roamed our streets and asked us where all the kangaroos were. Back before COVID-19 kept out those who thought we all talk like Paul Hogan. 


u/bungeeman asked the good people of Reddit who live in holiday destinations, "What's your most ridiculous 'damn tourists' moment?" And here they are. 



“I'm always amused by Europeans who can't comprehend how big Canada is,” Mr_Nexxus wrote. 


“I'll be in Niagara or Toronto, and they'll ask for directions to Whistler: 

‘You're gonna want to go West for a long time’

‘Like an hour? Two hours?’

‘Try a week.’”


And it’s not just Europeans, Americans can be just as mixed up about Canada with one redditor posting a tale of Americans who cross the border in July looking for snow. 


“In Australia, for some unknown reason, tourists won't swim in-between the safety flags,” starcaster wrote. 


“Its like they think it's the bunny hill of the beach. It’s not, the locals swim between the flags because we don't want to die.


“Also, if I offer you sun block and a hat, take it. This isn't Europe, I've gotten sunburnt in 15mins, you will bake regardless of your skin colour/nationality.


“It’s always so strange to me that Australia gets a bad rap for all these things that are ‘trying to kill you’ but I think sometimes tourists are just trying to get killed. Soooo many examples of this!”


HueyLewisAndTheShoes from London said, “it's the f———ing slow walkers that stop to take pictues of Big Ben by standing in the middle of the pavement” that get him. 


“Oh and don't get me started on the ones that don't understand the escalator code.”


Lyle-Z-Crocodile lives in Sri Lanka and is not happy with tourists who walk around barefoot everywhere. 


“Like, Christ, I get you're on your big 'Indian adventure,' but put on some shoes. Have you seen how much s——— is on the ground?!"


NekoFever once overheard a tourist complaining that the paper map she was looking at didn't have a ‘you are here’ marker on it.


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Published: 8 December 2021

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