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Forehead tattoo gets tourist bashed

Paul, a British tourist holidaying in Cambodia, was beaten by almost a dozen men who took offence to his forehead tattoo.


Image: Taiwan News


The British ex-pat, who has been living in Taiwan for some 14 years, entered a bar in Sihanoukville Square in the coastal Cambodian city of Sihanoukville and took off his hat, revealing the tattoo on his forehead. 


A Chinese man sitting with a large group of who Paul believed to be Chinese overseas workers, read his tattoo and shouted out in Mandarin, “Taiwan, China!”, Taiwan News reported.


When Paul responded with “Taiwan, Taiwan!”, Paul claims the group “went insane, grabbed poles and started attacking me”.


The group of at least ten men beat him, demanding he acknowledge that Taiwan was part of China. Paul responded in Mandarin, saying, "Okay, you think Taiwan is China, I'll say Taiwan is China, I just want to leave”.


Paul left with a head injury, bruises, a fat lip, two lost teeth, and two badly dented teeth. He claims that due to the damage to his teeth, he can longer close his mouth properly.


Paul took to Facebook to admit his regret in getting the tattoo and warned other travellers to be careful.


"In future not going to take my hat off, getting tattoo removed btw, as was a stupid drunken mistake getting it tattooed on my face, any other part of my body would have been fine but not the face, had four laser removals already so flag on chin gone almost already still need a few more for forehead.”


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 29 May 2018

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