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Forget Bali, Fiji, NZ & UK, these are our top holiday spots

It could be that they’re more affordable, or safer, or just more convenient, but domestic getaways have proven to be more popular than international holidays, according to new data from Mastercard.


Ahead of the upcoming long weekend, Mastercard took a look at the key travel priorities and trends for Australians and found that three in four (73%) Aussies had a domestic holiday in the last twelve months.



The Consumer Purchasing Priorities Survey also reveals that road trips are far from finished, with nearly one in two Australians polled stating a preference for local vacations with family members.


The most popular holiday destinations are the Gold Coast (18%), Melbourne (15%) and Adelaide (14%), while the most popular spots abroad are New York, London and Paris.


Preferred holiday activities are sightseeing (29%), shopping (17%) and visiting family members (13%),


With the average spend on domestic holidays $1,375.50, the areas of travel on which Australians spend the most are accommodation (27%), transport to a destination (25%) and eating out (16%).


According to the study, eight in ten Aussies still shop at airports, with food (39%), alcohol (38%) and literature (28%) the most popular items purchased.


Budgetary constraints (41%) work commitments (13%) and mortgages/loans (14%) were revealed as the top reasons for not travelling. But with one in three people planning to travel more in 2018, it seems the idea of jetting or driving off, still sounds too tempting a thought to pass up.


Encouragingly for travel professionals, travel agents were deemed the second favourite source for deals among Australian travellers, right behind airline websites.


Written by: MARK HARADA
Published: 4 June 2018

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