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Gen Y use travel professionals more than older Aussies

Basics over frills when it comes to travel choice

New data has shown Australian millennials’ propensity to call upon the services of travel professionals when researching travel. 


Released by Travelport, the Global Digital Traveler Research 2019 found that four in five (79%) Aussie millennials (Gen Y-ers) seek out recommendations from travel professionals like travel agents and tour operators compared to a lower number (72%) of older Australians. 



Despite Gen Y’s fondness for digital technology experiences in travel, the human touch remains important for many Australians. 


According to the report, over half (52%) of baby boomers and nearly half (41%) of Gen X-ers are frustrated by not being able to speak with a person when booking a trip. 


“Digital can be a deciding factor when it comes to travel, but the basics are still the most important for all Australians, regardless of age,” Travelport Head of Account Management Pacific, Sabrini Ricci said. 


“When it comes to winning customers in the long-run, having a high-quality product on offer along with good customer service and value sets the foundations for a sustainable model.”


When it comes to airlines, the research revealed that Aussies of all ages prioritise value (91%), reliability (91%) and great customer service (85%) over extras like digital experiences and frequent flyer rewards. Hotel preferences are similar, with cost (89%) and location (91%) the main priorities for all Australians.


“Gimmicky digital add-ons for the sake of reaching younger generations will fail to convert customers long-term,” Ms Ricci said. 


“Instead, businesses should focus on extending their customer service offering through digital channels and meeting customers’ needs in the places they engage most, whether that’s mobile and social for younger Australians or traditional avenues and desktop in older generations.”


In other findings, the data showed that younger Australians prefer to be well-researched before heading abroad than older travellers, through a mix of in-person and online techniques. 


The Global Digital Traveler Research 2019 surveyed 23,000 people from 20 countries.


Do these findings ring true for you?



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 20 November 2019

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