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Govt urges Aussies to reconsider Russia travel


It’s just over three months until the Russia-hosted FIFA World Cup, but Aussies are being asked to reconsider travelling to the country given the current “diplomatic row”.


Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has advised Australians planning on visiting Russia to think carefully before travelling, ABC has reported.


The advice comes after the expulsion from Australia of two Russian “undeclared intelligence officers” following a nerve agent attack on a former Russian double agent living in England.


While Russia has denied any role in the attempted assassination, over two dozen countries have expelled Russian diplomats in support of the UK.


Russia, in retaliation, expelled two Australian diplomats from Moscow along with 57 other officials.


"There is obviously a diplomatic row at the moment after those nerve agents were used," McCormack said.


"If you don't need to travel to Russia at the moment then think twice, think three times about doing it."


The Australian Government's latest travel advice to Russia reads, that "due to heightened political tension, you should be aware of the possibility of anti-Western sentiment or harassment”.


"Remain vigilant, avoid any protests or demonstrations and avoid commenting publicly on political developments.”


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 2 April 2018

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