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Group touring and cruise product ready for launch on TC One

The next stage in improved competitiveness for Travellers Choice agents will be live by early 2023

Holland America Line'

Travellers Choice member agents will continue to see an improved range of products on its TC One, further boosting their competitiveness against online travel behemoths such as Expedia and

From early 2023, the system will be enhanced with live cruise and group touring inventory from preferred partner suppliers.

The addition of cruise and coach touring builds on TC One’s original selection, which included 84 bed banks, including Expedia and, along with access to more than two million hotels globally.

Travellers Choice Managing Director, Christian Hunter, said it was hugely exciting that both agents and their clients can use TC One which in turn supports their local travel agent and their community.

“Agents will be able to go into the platform and make the booking for their customer, but also they'll be able to make the inquiry for their customer and the customer takes the quote away and can complete the booking themselves through the agent’s website,” Hunter told Traveltalk.

“Or they can organically go to the agent’s website, search, and book through that portal, for tours and for cruise, but also, they can add pre and post accommodation, ground arrangements, tours and whatever it is they might want to do.

“It's going to be a hugely powerful tool that will also make great efficiency strides for our members as well, because they'll have everything in a single platform.

The addition of coach touring gives TC One more product than many online travel platforms.

“They're not going to have to be jumping from supplier to supplier to supplier to supplier to make different bookings that can all be done in a single platform. This isn't about competing with our preferred partners. It's about working with them.

“Travellers Choice members will soon have a more fully integrated B2C presence competing with, or in some cases exceeding what is available through established OTAs,” Hunter added.

“This is very exciting and the next phase in our progress towards a fully integrated online/offline solution.”

Along with hotels, TC One provides access to car rental rates, transfers and hundreds of thousands of attractions and activities worldwide.

Along with being a live portal enabling agents to book these products, TC One is also a B2C platform allowing clients to make their own bookings through their local travel agent’s own website, in turn supporting businesses in their local communities.

Further inbuilt functionality within TC One allows agents to capitalise on social media marketing and lead generation tools to drive new business to their websites.

Hunter said the ability for a local travel agent to be able to compete with the world’s biggest travel retail platforms was a huge development.

“To have that available for the customer from a B2C point of view is going to be huge, and [member agents] will have a broader range of content available than most of these established OTAs, which is amazing for a small family business in a regional location to have that power online. It's incredible.”


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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 29 November 2022

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