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Half of Aussies ‘overwhelmed’ by travel choice: survey

More choice cold result in more business for travel agents

Australian travellers spend on average more than an entire working day researching their holiday - and a lot of that has to do with the sheer volume of travel options open to holidaymakers, a new study by has revealed. 



Nearly half of the Aussie travellers polled (45%) in the survey said they felt overwhelmed by the number of destinations and hotel choices available to them, with the average vacationer spending nearly nine hours researching their trip. 


The data also revealed that a quarter (25%) of Australians feel the biggest frustration when planning travel is the amount of research that is required to book a holiday. 


And even tech-savvy millennials are getting it wrong when going it alone on their travel arrangements, with a quarter (25%) of Gen Y-ers admitting that they had accidentally booked the wrong holiday destination, dates or both in the past.    


With this in mind then, it isn’t surprising to learn that package bookings from international travellers to Australia have grown year-on-year by 85%, according to data from Expedia Group, the parent company of Hotels. 


“Aside from facilitating ease of booking, packages also allow travellers to save money and offer added convenience by allowing consumers to efficiently compare a wide range of products in a single place,” Expedia Group Senior Director of Market Management, Drew Bowering, said.


“Historically, the traditional package booker was a travel deal seeker, however, today’s budget trippers and high value travellers turn to package booking to save both time and money.


“These package travellers also typically have twice the length of stay, and spend 20% more on accommodation than a standalone hotel booking, making them an attractive source of incremental revenue for our accommodation partners.”


American and Japanese travellers have the biggest uptake of package booking to Australia, Expedia found.


Do these findings ring true for you?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 9 August 2019

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