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How a trip to Maccas ended with this pair in Barcelona

Tara and Jack were finishing a drunken night out with “a cheeky McDonald’s”. Being in Crawley in West Sussex, they decided to head to Gatwick Airport.


"It's only 15 minutes away from the club and it was the easiest place to go for food,” Jack said, Mirror Online reported.


"But as soon as we saw the planes, we decided to check out Skyscanner.”


"That's when I decided to book our flight to Barcelona for a little spontaneous holiday."


“We nearly went to Morocco,” Tara added.


Tara claims to have remembered little from the visit to the airport, only waking upon their descent into the Spanish city.



“My initial thought was I had died and was on my way to heaven,” she said.


"After asking Jack multiple times where we are, he finally remembered we were going to Barcelona.


"I just said, oh my god what have we done, and eventually laughed it off."


But you don’t fly all the way (even if you can’t remember it) to Barcelona with only the clothes on your back just to return. So, the two 19 year olds decided to stay on to make the most of their “drunken mistake”.


Tara had gone out that night without cash or cards, so was reliant on Jack for their stay.


"I had on a shiny, silver bodycon dress - not the best outfit to travel in,” Tara said.


"We had to buy some clothes and borrow some clothes off some friends we made at the hostel we were staying in.”


Spending their days at the beach and their nights in clubs, the pair admit to having a good time.


"All in all we had a good holiday although I'm hoping that this doesn't happen again - my mum has confiscated my passport since."


Published: 8 March 2019

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