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How Aussies pick their travel insurance

There are more travel insurance players, and policies, than ever before. So what matters most to Australian holidaymakers when it comes to choosing a travel insurance provider? 


Surprisingly, the majority of us don’t place value above all else. But according to the new SureSave Travel Insurance Index, one in three (35%) Australians still said their preferred insurance policy “offered a good balance between policy cover and price - i.e. best value”. 



Commissioned by travel insurer SureSave, the survey found that one in seven (14%) Aussies wanted a policy with “the best benefits and policy cover”, while only one in nine (11%) were especially price conscious, opting for “the lowest priced product over benefits and coverage”. 


When it comes to travel insurance, SureSave head of agency sales Matt Endycott said one thing was certain. “Travel insurance is always a necessity,” he said. 


“SureSave works to ensure that agents have the information they need to inform their customers on travel insurance. 


“It’s essential that travellers have a travel insurance policy that offers them a suitable level of cover that best suits all their needs.” 


Elsewhere, the study revealed that more than half of us like to make the most of public holidays when planning travel. 



“Almost 52% of Australians say they prefer to take their annual leave around a public holiday in order to maximise their travel plans,” Mr Endycott said. 


“This clearly shows Australians’ passion for travel, using even just one extra day off work as the perfect opportunity to book a holiday and get to the airport!” 


Four-star accommodation proved to be the most popular grade of accommodation among those polled (47%), followed by three-star (27%) and budget (17%) lodging. Less than one in ten (9%) prefer to book a five-star hotel or resort. 


On their last holiday, four in ten (42%) respondents said they travelled for 8-14 days, three in ten (31%) for 15-30 days, while a lucky few (15%) holidayed for 31 days or more. 


The SureSave Travel Insurance Index is an annual survey that offers an insight into the travel habits of 1,000 Australians.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 June 2019

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