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How de-motivated staff could threaten travel

Post-COVID-19 scenario underlines importance of committed employees and ethical employers

A lack of fully committed staff threatens the profitability of travel companies post-COVID-19, according to a leading travel data and analytics firm. 


UK-based GlobalData says a future “de-motivated workforce” would affect service levels, which could then impact reputation, return on investment (ROI) and ultimately the financial performance of a company. 



The warning comes as travel businesses worldwide make adjustments to staffing levels to stave off complete collapses. 


As employee commitment is put under strain, GlobalData says the ethical standards of a company could come to the fore, with employers that have mistreated personnel potentially shunned by their own workforce and the public. 


“Even though staffing adjustments are vital for many a company to stay in operation, ethical standards and employee wellbeing must still be considered,” GlobalData Travel and Tourism Analyst Johanna Bonhill-Smith says. 


“Conclusively, in a post-COVID-19 world a committed workforce will be a key differentiator in the operational efficiency and productivity of one company over another.”


According to GlobalData’s Global Q4 2018 Consumer Survey, more than four in five (81%) travellers are ‘always’, ‘often’ or ‘somewhat’ influenced by ethics. 


Ms Bonhill-Smith says that while larger travel players in the UK – like TUI, Hayes Travel and – make “substantial staff adjustments in order to save on costs during a time where cash is vital”, some smaller independent companies “are looking to form more creative solutions to ensure their workforces remain motivated and in-cohort at this time of uncertainty, whether by aiding the community or developing relationships”.     




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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 15 April 2020

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