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How important is looking good on vacation?

Some people travel to see, others to be seen. Well it seems, there are more of the latter than we might think - and we’re not talking about destinations. No, this is about wearable fashion. 


In a global survey that sought to reveal how fashion influenced travel, nearly half of all respondents (48%) agreed that looking their best while on holiday was important. 


While just over half (57%) said they paid close attention to their appearance every day, two out of every five (39%) admitted to caring more about their physical appearance on holiday than when at home. And this care is creating confidence. 



Looking specifically at Australians, the study revealed that a third of Aussie travellers feel more confident while on holiday than when at home. 


The holiday wardrobe plays a big part in this too, with one in three attributing their increased confidence to their travel style. 


Conversely, one of the top reasons (36%) for feeling less self-assured is having travel clothes that follow function over form. 


So much for travellers heeding advice that prioritizes packing comfortable clothes. If you’re looking for something to blame, one could point the finger at social media, with nearly half (43 %) of Aussie respondents confessing to dressing their best purely to look good on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram et al. 


Interestingly, our vacation style is also lasting much longer than our holidays themselves, with almost half (47%) of those polled admitting to feeling inspired by their change of wardrobe whilst away. 


According to the survey, Aussie travellers seek fashion inspiration from friends (79%), family (67%), TV programs (51%) and fashion and style influencers (34%).


When it comes to the type of clothes we choose to wear, the survey found that travellers weren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone, with over a quarter of Aussies saying their holiday outfits were brighter and more colourful than their everyday wardrobe and one in six (15%) choosing more daring clothing while on vacation.  


“A vacation is the time to get experimental with your style, the environment often allows you to be bold and adventurous with prints, textures, and accessories,” fashion designer and style ambassador Christian Cowan said. 


“It’s the perfect time to try out a new look that you wouldn’t necessarily wear at home, whether that’s due to a different culture or different climate. When it comes to vacation style I have one piece of advice: go big or go home!”


The study polled 21,500 global travellers from 29 countries.   


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 5 September 2018

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