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How many honeymoons can you take if you skip the wedding?

Four. That’s how many honeymoons this couple had. All for the cost of a wedding.

Weddings are expensive — even if you don’t have to invite your uncle’s wife’s sister’s son. 



But if there’s anything COVID-19 has done, it has forced a trend towards smaller, more intimate weddings. So what do can you do with all that money that you’ve saved? Blow it on the honeymoon!


Luxury travel advisor Yulia Thomas and her soon-to-be husband realised their wedding would set them back US$15,000 (about AU$20,600). 


But when planning became stressful and threatened relationships, Thomas posted to TikTok, that they simply decided to throw away the big wedding in favour of a smaller one and use the money they’d saved on four luxury honeymoons. 


"We called two of our best friends... I bought a $50 dress and we were married three hours later," she shared.


The couple travelled to Greece, Italy, Hawaii and Morocco, according to the now viral TikTok.


Weddings were generally "overwhelmingly overpriced", Yulia said. 


"It's your life and you should celebrate it however you want," she told her followers.

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Published: 6 October 2021

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