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How school holidays are killing travel

And where ‘Christmas travel tax’ is highest

It is during school holidays that family vacations mostly spring to mind. But findings of a recent study commissioned by travel deals site Travelzoo show the extra costs of travelling during school breaks are actually turning most of us away from the traditional school holiday vacation.



Four in five (80%) of the 1,000 Australian travellers polled in the survey admitted that the inflated price of travelling during the holidays had prevented them from taking a family getaway during the school break.


Of those that had jetted off during school holidays, five in six (84%) respondents said they had been forced to pay more to take their holiday at that time.


To make that next school holiday getaway more attainable, Travelzoo suggests families be flexible with travel days, times and dates (for instance, by looking for early morning or late night domestic flights), take advantage of cheaper fares that include stopovers (instead of avoiding them), travel during a destination’s low season, and shop around.


When it comes to Christmas travel in particular, highly inflated prices abound. An analysis of ten international holiday spots and one domestic locale by, found the most popular Christmas destinations with the highest "travel tax" over the holiday period are Bali (an 83% mark-up), Phuket (+72%), Goa (+71%) and Nadi (+67%).


“Those who decide to travel during this peak time should be sure to keep an eye out for deals – especially if heading to one of these more expensive destinations,” Finder’s travel insurance expert Bessie Hassan said.


“Travelling over Christmas is a great way to take a well deserved break, but if something goes wrong unexpectedly it could be even more expensive.”


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 15 December 2017

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