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How to book a flying dress photo shoot on your next trip

I blame instagram. Santorini can no longer be explored in rubber sandals and sunburn, instead travellers are looking like they’ve been professionally photographed. And here’s their secret: they have been. 


It turns out there are companies that cater to the perfect holiday photo. And one, in particular, that specialises in those amazing ‘flying dresses’ pics — dresses which I imagine are not conducive to walking the many stairways of Santorini. 


“Women really fall in love with this experience and feel like Greek goddesses in the dresses,” Evgenia Volokitina, founder of SantoriniDress said, USA Today reported. 


“After each photo shoot, there’s so much excitement about how the pictures came out. Many women look at the photos and can’t believe that glamorous woman is them! We see this reaction all the time and we love it!”


Travellers can choose from a number of colours, but the original red Number 1 is still the favourite, Volokitina said.


“Red always stands out and it contrasts well against the white and blue background of Santorini,” she explains. “Also, because of its design, it looks good on every woman.”


An average of three to five different locations are offered during a standard one-hour photo shoot, but the most popular spots are the villages of Imerovigli and Oia. 


“Oia is the most well-known place on the island, and it’s where all the postcards come from,” says Volokitina.


“But, for this reason, it’s always overcrowded with tourists, so we usually recommend Imerovigli. It’s a much calmer place and the views are just as breathtaking.”


Once popular with honeymooners and pregnant women, SantoriniDress is now even offering dresses for children, as well as flying dress photo shoots in other locations including Italy and Dubai.

Image - Instagram: @santorinidress
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Published: 15 September 2021

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