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How to deal with a pesky tourist, when you’re a Queen's Guard

We doubt this woman got a lot sympathy from those around her (let alone the rest of the YouTube watching world).



Tourist, traveller… whatever you want to call her, this visitor to England’s Windsor Castle arguably got what she deserved after provoking the ire of a Queen’s Guard – all for the sake of grabbing a photo of herself with the soldier.


A video of the incident shows a woman standing on the wrong side of a rope divider (already a big no) as a Queen’s Guard going through his paces marches up behind her.


Without hesitation, he then shoves the tourist hard in the back to move her out of his way.


Dressed in yellow, the woman screams as she is pushed and then looks on clearly rattled as the soldier continues with his drill.



Queen’s Guards have become a significant tourist attraction in Britain over the years, with tens of thousands of people annually watching the soldiers go about their business at the official royal family residences.


With such patronage, it’s little wonder then that the soldiers, famous for their unwavering poise, occasionally need to break rank to police over-excited visitors.


According to the Mirror, in one such incident last year, a guard at Windsor Castle was filmed screaming at a man who came too close while trying to take a photo.


In another, more unnerving occurrence in 2015, a tourist was filmed marching alongside a guard when the soldier quickly turned, aimed his rifle at the man, and yelled at him, after the visitor touched him on the soldier. 



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 25 July 2018

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