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How to keep your pet ‘appy while travelling


New Australian technology is helping take the stress out of caring for your pets while on holiday.


App-based mobile vet booking service Pawssum provides veterinarians to your home – or your pet sitter’s home – on demand, offering peace of mind when you go on holiday.


“One of the biggest worries for owners when their fur babies are left with a sitter while they travel is what will happen if their pet gets sick while they’re so far away,” said Guy Sharabi, Founder of Pawssum.


“Owners can also track their pet’s progress by checking the app for vet updates rather than having to call a clinic while travelling.”


Or if you really want to pamper your poooh, and live in South Australia, you could check them into possibly Australia’s finest airport luxury pet hotel.


According to recommendations made by more than ten thousand members of, WA is the most pet-friendly state down under, with six of the top 20 most pet-friendly places in Australia. Queensland and Victoria have five and four spots respectively in the recent list


Written by: Traveltalk Magazine
Published: 27 August 2018

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