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How to prepare for your next road trip

Australians love a road trip be it a few hours or even a few months from home. But do we prepare enough before we go?


According to a recent survey from Budget Direct, reveals that while 88% of Aussie respondents have taken a road trip, almost 35% of road trips requiring 30+ driving hours are taken without the driver even planning the route. Otherwise, around 15% of all road trips taken by our participants did not feature any of the preparation steps listed in our survey question. This means that drivers are exposing themselves to risks on the road, such as breakdowns or tyre failure.



Before hitting the road for a day trip or a cross-country tour, BudgetDirect recommends that you should:

  • Check your route for closed roads
  • Know where you’ll stop for fuel and breaks (especially on longer journeys)
  • Clean your windscreen, and ensure the washer bottle is full
  • Check your fuel and oil levels
  • Check the spare wheel is in good condition, and is pumped
  • Pump all tyres on the car, to their recommended pressures
  • Test all lights/indicators on your car before setting off
  • Check the lights/brakes on any trailer you may tow
  • Check the battery level, if you have the equipment to do it safely
  • Pack the right food and water for the length of your trip.


The survey also revealed that males think they do most of the driving on a road trip, as do those aged 65 and over.


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Published: 10 August 2022

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