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How to survive the airport these schools holidays

School holidays are fast approaching and for many Aussies, this is the first time post lockdown that they’ve headed to the airport. 


We all know to check our passports, get there early and check in online, but there’s still more we can do to make sure we’re airport ready. Skyscanner travel expert Brendan Walsh has shared his top tips to help Aussies navigate airports with confidence.




According to a Skyscanner survey, 27 per cent of Aussies have had to re-pack their luggage at the airport because it was too heavy.


"Invest in some at home luggage weights, this will mean you can weigh your luggage as you're packing and before you leave the house, avoiding any nasty surprises at the check-in desk," Walsh told 9News.



One fifth (21 per cent) of Aussies have arrived at the airport with their phone dying or low on battery which is a problem these days because many travel documents are now digital, Walsh said. 



55 per cent of Aussies have had to remove clothing when walking through security because it has set off a screening alarm, according to survey results.


And 35 per cent have had to remove or discard something from their carry-on luggage due to it not adhering to the rules when going through airport security.


"To avoid this stress, we recommend separating all of your liquids, medications and digital devices (such as laptops and tablets) prior to arriving at the airport or at least before you get to the front of the line at the security screening," Walsh said.


"Investing in a wheeled, hand luggage suitcase with a front zip pocket is an easy way to separate your liquids and important documents so they're within easy reach for when you need to remove items at security, and don't forget to take any hats, coats and belts off before you walk through the gate."


Traveltalk would also add the following:

  • Pack two pens (you’ll lose one - or have to lend one to someone else)
  • Print out your documents. Having a back up in case your phone dies or is otherwise occupied (in the hands of an otherwise restless child) will help LOADS.
  • Pack snacks. You will be waiting. 


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Published: 19 September 2022

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