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How travel could reverse greying hair

Gone are the days when I would find just the odd grey hair. They’ve multiplied and are threatening to take over. I had resigned myself to my inevitable future, but now they’re saying that grey hair can be reversed!



A recent study out of Columbia University has confirmed the link between stress and greying hair, AND revealed that hair colour can be brought back by DE-stressing. And what better way to de-stress than a holiday?


"I was not surprised by any of the stressors that correspond with graying; I was surprised to see how strong of an impact a vacation had on the reversal of graying," lead author on the study Ayelet Rosenberg said.


"One participant went on just a two-week trip, and amazingly enough, five of their hairs regained colour afterwards." 


There are obviously a lot more studies to be done, but in the meantime, before dyeing your hair, maybe use it as proof that you’re in need of a break.


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Published: 12 July 2021

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