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How travel insurance works for Cyclone Trevor, other natural disasters

Cyclone Trevor calls for travel insurance

With Cyclone Trevor bearing down on Queensland and the Northern Territory, travellers to the region are reasonably concerned.


Multiple storms have lashed Queensland, leaving communities in lockdown. The storm is predicted to intensify as it moves towards the Northern Territories, developing into a Category 3 cyclone by Thursday. Considerable rainfall and powerful winds have damaged structures and caused power cuts across Queensland.


Image ABC / Supplied RAMMB


Flight paths have also been affected by the cyclone with all flights in and out of the Queensland town of Weipa cancelled.Further flight disruptions are imminent.


What should I do if bad weather affects my travel plans?

With unpredictable weather conditions on the horizon, travellers are strongly advised to consider travel insurance.


“When it comes to unforeseen weather events, a comprehensive policy should cover your lost deposits and prepaid travel costs" director Natalie Ball said. 


"With the current weather conditions threatening to put a dampener on your travels, it’s smart planning to invest in a back-up plan.” 


In the event that Cyclone Trevor conditions worsen or a further natural disaster warning is issued, Ball advises travellers to buy cover sooner rather than later.


Affected passengers with comprehensive travel insurance

Flight cancellations as a result of bad weather would generally be covered by travel insurance. Travellers affected by storms and flooding will be covered for travel and meal expenses provided they purchased their policy prior to the weather event.


What if my accommodation is affected?

Insured travellers who find that their accommodation is uninhabitable due to storms and bad weather would have provision to claim due to unforeseen damages.


What if my holiday is unaffected but I want to cancel my trip?

Travel insurance does not cover you for change of mind so unless your travels are directly affected by bad weather you would not have eligibility to claim.


Ball concludes, “Travel insurance for an interstate trip is often considered unnecessary but you could really stand to benefit from a domestic policy. Unpredictable weather patterns may very well affect your holiday plans. It’s a good idea to buy cover as soon as your holiday is confirmed to ensure cancellation benefits kick-in immediately.”


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Published: 21 March 2019

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