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Introducing the guitar that will fold into your suitcase

The humble guitar can be a traveller’s best friend. If you know how to play, the instrument can help entertain fellow travellers and stave off boredom. Or it can even just be a launchpad for conversation.


But obviously travelling with a guitar can have its drawbacks, the most obvious being its size and the problems it presents when packing.


Well now, a Kickstarter campaign has given birth to a wonderful, albeit a little strange, acoustic guitar that can be folded for easy packing.


Though it might send shivers down the spines of musical purists, who would surely cringe at the sight of a guitar being folded in half, it certainly makes for a tantalising proposition for anyone who’s ever been forced to leave their axe at home (myself included).


Created by travelling muso, Iain Maclean, the ‘Notekase’ acoustic guitar was built as large as airline restrictions allow while ensuring the instrument can fit in a regular suitcase, Mixdown Magazine reported.


So rather than checking in your guitar as oversized luggage, with this invention, you can place it in your overhead bin. Where it should be!


What do you think of the concept?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 July 2018

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