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Introducing the travel trends of Contiki’s ‘Zillennials’ generation

According to the youth tour company, the next generation are preferring the authentic over the airbrushed.

A Contiki survey found Aussies want authentic memories over setups for Instagram.

The newest micro-generation known as Zillennialls – those born on the cusp of Millennial and Gen Z crave imperfect and unexpected moments they prefer to share unedited on their social media feeds, according to new research from 18-35 travel brand Contiki.

The OnePoll study of 1,200 respondents in April this year canvassed the views of both ends of Contiki’s age paradigm with half coming from the 18-24 window and half aged 25-34.

According to the results, 70% of respondents said would prefer their most memorable moments from travel to happen naturally, however 49% still admitted to attempting to set up a moment for the benefit of their Instagram feed.

Young travellers believe travel is the time to turn up the adrenalin.

Contiki’s conclusions are at that young Australian travellers are rejecting ‘gram pressure’ and opting to live in the moment and capture authentic travel memories that tell their own story rather than fabricating something in the pursuit or social virality.

The study found the desire to follow the footsteps of influencers by staying in the same hotel or resort as their idols and gathering content for TikTok is the least of their priorities.

Experiences such as enjoying food or beverages with a view are the most desired experiences (51%) followed by watching the sunrise or sunset with family and friends (49%) and experiencing something funny that provides an eternal memory (46%).

Contiki's survey found a quarter want to step outside their comfort zone.

TTC Tour Brands and Contiki Managing Director, Toni Ambler, said young people are embracing the social side of group travel in a world where everything else can be done without any kind of human interaction.

“Over the past 12 months, one of our big observations of Contiki travellers is that now more than ever, they are embracing the social side of group travel,” Ambler said.

“In a digital world where you can work, study, shop and even order food without physically interacting with another person, spending real time with real people and travelling together, is what makes a trip truly unforgettable.

Nearly half of respondents said a group tour makes travel more memorable.

“It’s often the special, sometimes unexpected moments on these trips that leave the deepest impact, becoming stories they go on to remember and retell for years to come.

“That’s why more and more Zillennials are coming to realise the best memories are not curated. And they certainly don’t have to be perfect. They just need to feel real.”

More than 40% of respondents said they wanted to be pushed outside of their comfort zones while travelling, albeit only really between three and five times per trip, with 30% saying they wanted to take on an extreme activity like bungee jumping or skydiving.

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 6 June 2023

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