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Is the great Aussie summer holiday disappearing?

Not quite, but a great deal of us won’t be travelling this year

With summer nearly here, a new survey has revealed just how many Aussies are readying for a holiday - and the numbers aren’t as high as you might think. 



According to the study, which was conducted by comparison site,, one in three (33%) Australians said they wouldn’t be travelling this summer, while more than one in five (21%) are still undecided on whether they’ll take a trip this holiday season. 


But when we’re making the decision to take a summer holiday, we’re booking well in advance, with one in three (28%) of those who said they would be going on vacation (46%) in December and January booking their holidays by July.


“So many people want holidays during December or January, so some will even book their holiday a year in advance,” finder’s travel expert Angus Kidman said.


“While that kind of planning might strike you as overly hyper-organised, bargain hunters know that they'll find the lowest prices on flights and hotels by booking months in advance.”


But Kidmand said there was still time to book a holiday season vacation, especially if travellers were flexible with their dates.


“New Year’s Day is usually when we start to see flights dip in pricing. If you’re happy to skip the New Year’s Eve festivities, you could really save,” he remarked.


When it comes to destinations, only one in seven (15%) will be heading abroad, while around a third (31%) are travelling domestically. 


Over 2,000 Australians were polled in the study. 


Are you going on a summer holiday this year? If so, where to?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 24 October 2018

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