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Israel’s tourism minister is surely the next James Bond

While our own Don Farrell may not be up for some gratuitous shirtless pics in order to bring travellers to Australia, Israel’s tourism minister has no qualms in revealing support for his country, Bond style. 


He looks like Daniel Craig, only more buff. Or at least he does in this video meant to spruik Israel to potential tourists. 


Israel’s Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov has just posted a James Bond-themed video to social media in an effort to draw people to the Israel during the shoulder season, The Times of Israel reported. 



The minute-long video was funded personally by the minister, an ex-Olympian, and depicts a Daniel Craig styled Razvozov in some of the more famed Casino Royale scenes. Namely that bit where Bond wades through the water shirtless.


“The name is Israel, State of Israel”, the minister said in a tweet. 


“I thought about how I can personally help the marketing of Israel and in spreading the good and beauty that we have here in Israel to the world.”


Razvozov claims to have previously been mistaken for Daniel Craig and when photos of the 40-year-old minister at the beach went viral last year, he reportedly joked that he was marketing Israel’s coastline.


It just makes you wonder how far Australia’s tourism minister Don Farrell will go to promote us.


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Published: 17 October 2022

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