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Jail for an Aussie who stole sunglasses at Bali airport

Thomas William Harman probably wouldn’t have expected to land in a Bali prison for stealing a pair of sunglasses.


But the Western Australian was sentenced in a Bali court to three and half months in jail for doing exactly that.


Harman after sentencing (ABC News - Ambros Boli)


Mr Harman, 31, was on his way home to Perth when he entered a duty-free shop in Bali International Airport and exited with a pair of $400 designer sunglasses ‘free of charge’.


CCTV footage apparently showed the man taking the glasses, and based on this, prosecutors pushed for a longer jail term of six months, the ABC reported.


But according to the broadcaster, the panel of judges, who could have handed Harman a maximum five years’ jail for the crime, was more lenient.    


"Very happy, thank you, it's been great," said Harman, who judges said was polite and remorseful before court. "Once again I apologise to the people of Indonesia for the crime."   


Along with an apology, defence lawyer Erwin Siregar said Harman offered to pay double the value of the glasses to the shop.


"If this thing happened in America I would just be going to the police, I would pay the bill, my client is out," Mr Siregar said after the sentencing. "Three months and 15 days is OK."


The good news for Harman is that he only has a few days left of his sentence with time already served in Bali's Kerobokan prison.


Although most holidaymakers don’t intend to commit crimes, they should always be aware that laws, and punishments, differ from country to country.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 8 November 2017

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