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Japan and Australia loosen Covid restrictions: travel to start soon?

One of our favourite destinations could be one of the first we return to

The news from the Australian government about the intention to open borders as early as Novembercombined with recent updates from Japanmakes the outlook a very positive one for Brisbane-based Japan travel specialists InsideJapan, and travel in general. 



Thanks to a vaccination programme that picked up speed and has now fully vaccinated over 60% of the country, and falling Covid-19 rates, last week also saw the Japanese government announcing the end of the State of Emergency that has covered much of the country for most of the pandemic. 


Japan’s State of Emergency guidelines requested that people refrain from non-essential travel, that traditional ‘Izakaya’ pubs and restaurants not sell alcohol, and set an 8pm curfew. The lifting of restrictions represents a return to normal life and perhaps signals easing of other restrictions soon


The Japanese government has already announced the (very gradual) easing of restrictions for international travel, meaning people will need to quarantine for 10 days rather than 14. With a new Prime Minister appointed too last week, there are real hopes that the Japanese government will soon be able to set out a clear roadmap to opening their doors to international travel once again.


“Like Australia, Japan closed its doors to international travel at the very beginning of the crisis in 2020,” said InsideJapan Trade Marketing Manager Harry Sargant.


We have hundreds of Australians that booked originally to travel in 2020 who have rebooked again to travel in 2022.


“The announcements from Australia and from Japan will also help with consumer confidence and no doubt will result in an increase in enquiries as we know the appetite for Japan and our other InsideAsia destinations is there.


We are very much looking forward to more clarification from both Australia and Japan over the easing of travel restrictions which will in turn give the consumer the confidence to book that trip. The signs are positive, and we can’t wait to get people travelling to Japan again soon.”


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Published: 10 October 2021

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