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Jetstar fines passenger for wearing 6.6kgs of clothes on plane

After a little too much shopping in Melbourne, one traveller decided she’d try to avoid the low-cost carrier’s luggage fees.

Adriana Ocampo saw the funny side in trying to fool Jetstar.

We’ve probably all been there – arrived at the airport and found out suitcase a little, or a lot, over the weight limit and anxiously debating how to smuggle the extra through.

But after seeing Jetstar’s gate staff weighing bags at the gate, two travellers decided to try and get their excess luggage through – by wearing it.

Adriana Ocampo and her friend were flying with Jetstar from Melbourne to Adelaide but turned up at the airport with carry-on bags well over the 7kg weight limit.

Both knowing they wouldn’t get their bags through with just a smile, Ocampo didn’t want to stump up the $65 to check it instead, so together with her friend, both decided to carefully layer up – putting on more than six kilograms of extra clothes to try and avoid the baggage fee.

While it was a novel effort, with her travelling companion saying she looked “like a bear” with layer upon layer of extra clothes on, Jetstar staff saw her coming and fined her anyway for the attempt.

As an added punishment, both travellers had to wear their makeshift costumes for the entire 80-minute flight.

"As well as layers of jackets and jumpers, I had baggy trousers on and I was stuffing t-shirts and my iPad in them,” Ocampo told LadBible.

“I had about six layers on and stuff in my pockets.

"I only had a couple of things left in my luggage like two pairs of shoes, a bag, a pair of jeans and a couple of socks. We went over again and were the only people at the gate.

"They said we had to get rid of the stuff on our bodies and we had to pay.

"Everyone in line was staring at us and laughing at us, it was kind of embarrassing. People were annoyed that we were holding the plane up."

A spokesperson from Jetstar said the airline saw the funny side but limits on carry-on bags were there for a reason.

“Keeping track of how much baggage passengers bring onboard means everyone has room for their belongings and we're meeting our safety requirements.”

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Written by: Matt Lennon
Published: 22 May 2023

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