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July looking likely for Singapore travel bubble, quarantine hub

The Australian and Singaporean governments are working towards setting up not only a travel bubble, but also a quarantine gateway and vaccination hub for returning Aussies, business travellers and international students. 


Australian government sources told the Sun Herald they were hopeful that the bubble, which could also include New Zealand, will be up and running by July or August.


The bubble will allow Australians to travel to Singapore without approval from the Department of Home Affairs, provided they could prove they had been vaccinated again COVID-19.


Likewise, vaccinated Singaporeans would be able to travel to Australia without having to complete a compulsory two week hotel quarantine. 


There are also reportedly discussions to allow other travellers who receive a certified COVID-19 vaccination in Singapore to have their entry into Australia expedited and their hotel quarantine shortened or avoided altogether. 


This is hoped to end the backlog of stranded Aussies in Singapore as well as to restart tourism and business travel while relieving pressure on Australian hotel quarantine systems and the federal government’s Howard Springs facility.


Trade Minister Dan Tehan is due to travel to Singapore in coming months to discuss the proposed travel bubble.

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Published: 15 March 2021

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